Craft Cannabis vs. Commercial Brands: Online Buying Guide

The cannabis industry is a flourishing garden of green, and as legalization spreads, the options for cannabis consumers are sprouting up faster than, well, a high-quality indoor grow in a state-of-the-art facility. Here, we’ll be sifting through the finely cured bud to bake you a scrumptious comparison of craft cannabis and commercial brands buy weed online.

Defining the Difference

At first glance, the distinction seems simple — sure, we all know that local breweries and artesian bakeries provide a different experience to Budweiser and Wonder Bread. But when it comes to cannabis, the lines are a bit hazier (no pun intended). Craft cannabis generally refers to flower grown by artisans on a smaller scale, often using more traditional methods and focusing on quality over quantity. Commercial cannabis, on the other hand, involves larger-scale production, often associated with industrial processes and high-yield goals.

Quality Over Quantity

What are the hallmarks of craft cannabis that make it unique? For one, the cultivation process usually takes longer because of careful attention to each plant’s individual needs. This personal touch often leads to better flavor profiles, higher potency, and a more enjoyable user experience overall. The strains themselves often hark back to classic, more potent varieties, as opposed to the sometimes watered-down versions found in the commercial market.

The Case for Craft

Small-batch growing not only tends to produce better cannabis but also allows for a higher degree of sustainability and ethical farming practices. Artisanal growers are often more in-tune with the needs of their plants and the ecological impacts of their actions, which can result in a product that’s not only better for the consumer but also better for the planet.

Craft cultivators also maintain a strong focus on terroir, a concept historically associated with the wine industry. By capturing the unique environmental qualities of the region, craft cannabis can offer an unparalleled taste that represents the true characteristics of the plant.

Commercial Conundrum

Commercial brands, while sometimes criticized for a perceived lack of care, can also provide consumers with reliable and consistent products. The benefit of economies of scale often translates into lower prices and the ability for large companies to invest heavily in product innovation and quality control, resulting in safer and more predictable products on the shelves.

Navigating the New Age of Cannabis

With the vast array of choices, how can consumers ensure they’re getting the best cannabis for their needs? The key is to know what you’re looking for. For those who value a personal connection to the product and want to support local businesses, craft cannabis may be the choice. Alternatively, if convenience, consistency, and the assurance of a tried and tested product are more important, commercial brands could be the way to go.

Buying Your Bliss Online

The rise of e-commerce in the cannabis market has made it easier than ever to access these products. When purchasing cannabis online, whether it’s craft or commercial, there are several factors to consider. Look for clear and detailed product descriptions, including the strain, growing method, and any test results on purity and potency. Where possible, look for reviews or recommendations on the product and the seller to ensure a positive experience.

In Sum

The cannabis market is as diverse as it is divisive, with advocates on both sides lauding the merits of their preferred product. Ultimately, the choice between craft cannabis and commercial brands comes down to personal preference. For some, the allure of small-batch, artisanal products is too tempting to pass up, while others find comfort and satisfaction in the reliability of more standardized options. 

In this verdant sea of green, consumers are spoilt for choice. Whether your connoisseurial compass points you towards the hidden valleys of craft cannabis or the bustling highways of commercial brands, the most important thing is finding a product that aligns with your values and provides the high you’re after.

Navigate the world of cannabis purchases as thoughtfully as you’d pick a wine or a roast, and you’re sure to find your way to a product that not only pleases your palate but does so in a way that feels right for you. Just remember, no matter the brand or strain, always consume responsibly and in accordance with your local laws.


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